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Places to visit and dine out with Escorts in the Park Estate


The Park Estate is actually the famous privately owned residential housing estate located in the west region of Nottingham city centre, UK. This estate was built on the old deer park of the early Nottingham castle. It is the best known place for its Victorian architecture even though most of the houses have been extended, altered and also converted into the flats now. The Park estate is actually using the gas street lighting which is believed as the one of the largest networks in Europe.

History of the Park Estate:

In the year 1809, the first domestic building in the park was built for the regular use in opposite to the castle gatehouse building which is served as the Vicarage to the St. Mary’s Church. The park is actually a preservation region with the plenty of buildings. Thus, the detailed plan has been submitted for the best planning regulations. This park is actually protected by is automated gas lights in the lighting poles for the Victoria gas street lights.
The major development of the park estate has began actually in the years 1820s under the actions of the 4th Duke who announced that this area as the public land. All the successive dukes of the Newcastle under lyne were making several changes and upgrades in the design of many houses. In the year 1938, the park is sold to the Oxford University by the 8th Duke. Due to the different concessions between the Oxford University and the park residents association in the year 1986, the ownership of The Park Estate has been transferred to the Nottingham park estate limited which is the newly formed company.

Romantic places and places to eat different foods:

Whenever you are renting or buying a flat or individual house in the park estate, Nottingham, England, there are several numbers of famous restaurants to taste the cuisines and enjoy your trip. The famous restaurants in Nottingham to eat out will be,

  • Ania’s Polish Restaurant on Mansfield road, Sherwood for the great polish beer and food.
    Broadway on Broad Street in city centre for great foods and alternative cinema.
    Lee Rosie’s – For cakes and sandwiches.
    Nomad restaurant on Hucknail Road for vegetarian foods.

Where to go with Your Escort

There are so many romantic hotels & restaurants to visit in Nottingham with your boy/girl friend while taking a house or flat in the park estate for rent while dating. The most romantic hotels include:

  • Restaurant Sat Bains with rooms
    Lace market hotel Nottingham by the compass hospitality
    Cowlick hall hotel
    The Walton hotel & restaurant

For your dating nights, the following are the romantic places to go with your new girl friend or boy friend. The top date night places in Nottingham include:

  • Savoy cinema
    Turtle Bay
    Spankey Van Dykes
    Ice Staking
    Wallaton Park
    Rock city concerts
    Pitcher and Piano
    Fat cat
    Nottingham Castle

For your romantic and unforgettable dating, these are all amazing places to visit in Nottingham, UK.

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