Derby Escorts


Derby is the main town in the Derby local government district and is a part of the Derby Urban Area. This lovely town is surrounded by a pocket of steep hills which show some magnificent views when you’re at the peak of them. 12 miles north of Nottingham, Derby is the perfect distance away from a main city as it means you’re able to have some peace and quiet when you want to, yet if you need to make a trip in to town or have some fun, you have easy access to Nottingham. Here at Golden girls, we also have many Derby escorts available for booking. Maybe you could get one if you feel up to it.


You could visit a whole range of things when in Derby. For the keen golfer there is a wonderful golf club and driving range which is splendid on a sunny day. Perhaps after working out on the green, you could then go on to a date with one of our Derby escorts? You could have a light lunch in one of the many cafes, the cafe in sherwood forest is stunning, you’re completely surrounded by nature and a blissful surrounding. If you’re then compelled to stay out and go to one of Derbys local watering holes, you could visit Bar 19, Cheeky monkeys or cinnamon spice? You and your golden girl could have a great laugh whilst you unwind next to each other.

But why end the night there? You’ve already had a drink and you have one of our Derby escorts by your side, what could possibly go wrong? Maybe make the decision to move on to some of the famous clubs you can find in the town centre. The late lounge and Illusions are two classic venues enjoyed by the locals, party the night away until the early hours of the morning and finish the night in a local hotel with your companion. Try the Travelodge Hotel, Jury’s inn, and the Hilton, each and every hotel provides lovely rooms at really competitive prices. Besides anyway, what does it matter when you have one of our escorts by your side? Book your date now.