Open For Business

First things first, we would like to thank everyone who has contacted us in the past few months and inquired with us. We have had a positive reaction from many and are new ready to open completely.

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Over the next few days we will completing all of the profiles for our models and adding our last few girls. We are looking to provide you with a completely fresh list of people every few weeks for you to indulge in. Currently we have added 7 profiles in the past week so keep any eye out for them! (They all have the new tag above their profile. 🙂 )

Loyalty Scheme

Whilst in action we are looking to process our loyalty scheme which will be processed online via our membership system so please make sure you sign up and take full advantage of that. You will get credited when you have booked and left genuine feedback on our girls profiles.

Early Bird Special

Booking before 2PM now we will be giving massive discounts for all of our clients, however we are still in talks for the amounts that will be discounted, so keep an eye out on the blog for any information regarding this.

Again, massive thank you for the support, over the weekend we will have an incall place arranged for both Amira and Chirstie, so don’t forget to check out their profiles.


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